Jonah DiTerra

An interdimensional swordsman, himself the son of an interdimensional traveler.

  • Right Place, Wrong Time
  • On The Brink of Infinity
  • Gomron Gox
  • The “Lost” World



Jonah DiTerra’s father wasn’t there for him as a child. He was off in another universe. Probably one every other week.

You see, Jonah’s father was Not Of This World. Or even this reality. He came to Earth from out of another dimension, and left mysteriously before Jonah was born.

When he himself came of age, he discovered, quite by accident, his ability to enter other worlds. Being without an instruction manual for his abilities, he spent his formative years lost in a world of unimaginable wildness and savagery.

He also aquired a Kwai-S’nng Rapier. Looks nothing like a rapier, you ask? Clearly you are unfamiliar with the Duelists of Kwai-S’nng. And nobody in three dimensions has ever seen a Kwa-S’nng Rapier in its entirety, so one can only speculate upon its true shape.

Jonah DiTerra

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